Great Grey close up

The owls

We are the proud owners of 11 delightful owls. They belong to 5 different species, none of which is native to this country so can’t be released.

All our owls love visitors so while you’re here, why not pay them a visit.

montie sunshine

Our longest term resident is our European Eagle Owl Montie. Montie came to us as a chick and we are the only family he/she has ever known. (Montie’s sex is unknown at present – but we think Montie is a male.)  We have plans to build a new aviary for Montie and to introduce a mate.

Grizzle and Earl are our Great Grey Owls.  They were introduced to each other in 2016 and have been friends ever since. Grizzle has been with us for some time and came as a male. Following DNA testing, we discovered that Grizzle is in fact a female and she and Earl are now a true pair.

grizzle Tree
Burrowing 1

Skye and Horatio are our Burrowing Owls.  We rescued them from very poor living conditions in 2015 and they have settled really well. Skye has learned to disappear underground rather than making alarm calls all the time!


Recent additions are a group of Southern White Faced Scots Owls, including 4 females and a male called Henry. They came to us early in 2016 as an established group and have settled really well. They display some very interesting behaviours and a range of vocalisations.

Marmite is our newest owl and is an Asian Brown Wood Owl native to South Asia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. These owls are closely related to Britain’s native Tawny Owls.

Marmite has come to us as a rescue. He/she is a young owl with an unfortunate set of early experiences but is now in a more appropriate space and is showing signs of settling well.


The owls get as much pleasure from looking at you, as you will get from looking at them.

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