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Halloween Pumpkins

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Our annual Pumpkin competition had a surprise entry this year!.. Read More

Had to be seen

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No idea why Harvey was eating bamboo, Panda traits?.. Read More

Be seeing you!

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I mean with those eyes how could he not? Harvey is growing before our very eyes!.. Read More

The Wye

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The River in all it’s beauty. Not strictly an August picture but too good not to be seen!.. Read More

Meet Harvey

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Harvey is our newest addition, he is a Brown wood owl who we hope will in┬átime become a mate for Marmite. Once he….grows up a bit... Read More

Spring Flowers

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The sun has brought the Bluebells out! In force too!.. Read More

Montie & Hamish

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We have successfully put Hamish and Montie into the same aviary. Hamish continues to improve everyday, he is growing some new feathers and also growing in confidence. We hope that.. Read More

Newly Named

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Newly arrived from the Highlands of Scotland, this potential partner for Montie needed a name. He now has one, we sent off his feathers to be DNA Tested and bearing.. Read More