The owls

We are the proud owners of 16 delightful owls. They belong to 7 different species, none of which is native to this country so can’t be released.

All our owls love visitors so while you’re here, why not pay them a visit.

Grizzle and Earl are our Great Grey Owls.  They were introduced to each other in 2016 and have been friends ever since. Grizzle has been with us for some time and came as a male. Following DNA testing, we discovered that Grizzle is in fact a female and she and Earl are now a true pair.

Skye, Horatio are our Burrowing Owls.  We rescued Skye and Horatio from very poor living conditions in 2015 and they have settled really well. Their aviary includes tunnels and an underground chamber.

Next to our Burrowing Owls are our group of Southern White Faced Scops Owls, Henry and his 4 wives Gladys, Iris, Mavis and Gizmo. The group came to retire with us in 2016, they will live out their days with us as they are now too old to continue commercial breeding.

Harvey & Marmite are our Brown Wood Owls.  They are native to South Asia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. These owls are closely related to Britain’s native Tawny Owls.

They have just moved into their new purpose built accommodation and are loving the additional space. They have really bonded since the move.

Archie and Storm are our, African Spotted Eagle owls.

They are native to Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

Archie is short for Archimedes, the owl from the Disney Classic,  The Sword in the Stone, while Storm is named after the look on her face.

Archie was hand reared and is interested in people, Storm is less confident. They have just moved into their new aviary and are still getting used to it and each other.

Santi & Domingo are our Ashy Faced Barn Owls. They are native to the Carribean, specifically Haiti and The Dominican Republic.

They are nocturnal, being more active at night and are shy. They choose to spend most of their time roosting in the aviaries pitched roof.

Numpy is a Verraux’s Eagle owl, more commonly called a Milky Eagle owl.

They are the largest owl species in Africa. Numpy has retired from his display role at Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl Centre, he is very chatty and happy to meet and engage with people.

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